Raw Materials

DRI - Sponge Iron

DRI is the most flexible feed stock for steel making industries. With production technology advances and modernization through recent decades it has gained even greater values and advantages to Steel makers. This operating flexibility consequently allows the plant operator the freedom to determine his raw materials based on cost, availability, and steel mill economics. 

In electrometallurgy, direct-reduced iron or Sponge Iron is exclusively used as a source of iron for steel making.

It is a major and very serious contender for scrap and pig iron. A further DRI twist is provided by its development inextricably linked with that of electric steel production. Average annual growth rate of DRI production is estimated at 9 %, and that of the electric steel production is the same.  

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DRI product has enormous potential and will be in demand subject to scrap deficit and the need to produce ultra-high purity grades.